We help you start the conversation with new customers, continue the conversation with existing customers and help brands grow by understanding their customers and keep them coming back.

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It’s true! Think about the last time you received a personalised direct conversation piece. It made an impact, right? You felt valued, you felt like the brand had taken the time to tailor the piece to you and only you and we bet it gave you all the feels!

Giving your customers individual attention and addressing their individual behaviours and needs, promotes a far better outcome than a generic, irrelevant direct conversation piece. You see, personalised pieces make your customers smile. Communication created by robots makes them mad.



We help you identify who your customers are. With this information we work with you to design a targeted, tailored campaign with your customer acquisition goals in mind. Utilising multiple conversation channels, we maximise reach and efficiency in connecting your business with the right people.

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Finding new customers is only half the battle. Loyal customers are the lifeblood of your organisation. By understanding who they are and their behaviours, we specialise in harnessing the power of this information; transforming it into potent direct conversation strategies that help to retain your customers.

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Now that we have helped you identify who your customers are and helped to turn these customers into loyal customers, we want to help you grow your business by triggering behaviours and influencing transactions. We develop creative, impactful direct conversations to stand out, helping to achieve growth.

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How can we help you start the conversation?


Knowing your customers is vital to growth, and that’s where Conversify comes in. We understand that behavioural characteristics of your customers is vital in formulating a strategy that works. Data segmentation, profiling, enhancement and enrichment tools are the technical terms we use for working out what makes your customers tick. Using this knowledge, we can devise a targeted marketing plan that works with your customer requirements to maximise your chance for success.

creative + design

In today’s competitive market, direct marketing conversations need to be impactful, so it’s time to get creative! Effectively communicating your message requires professional design and layout and it’s here that Conversify specialises. We distill your message, optimise it’s core elements and package this up with the latest on-trend design approaches. This design attitude incorporates personalisation, versions, testing concepts and multichannel formatting. Rely on our creative talent and expertise and let us work with you to give your brand a lasting impact.

digital conversations

A message delivered is fine, but a genuine conversation starter is where customer interaction and brand bonding really happens. In a digital world, we can facilitate this at a scale that delivers results that are both effective and efficient. Once a anonymous medium, now you can engage online, all the time.

tangible conversations

As our name suggests, we specialise in conversation and employing physical messaging is an approach we’ve been doing for many years. But we’ve learned that speaking to your customer via this method is more than just undirected print and mail programs. At Conversify, we tailor a tangible message towards the goal of engagement, meaning that its form and delivery will speak to its intended audience. Holding a physical promotional item can deliver a message in a visceral and lasting way. Let us show you the possibilities that a tangible conversation provides.

tailored conversation programs

We’ve gathered the information, profiled your customer interests and needs, so now it’s time to get this conversation started! Using a solution tailored for each recipient is more likely to penetrate in a world filled with otherwise generic and lowest common denominator messaging. Using our techniques we construct a program that predicts a best approach, and methods that influence decisions of individuals but at a scale that delivers real results. Give your message a personal touch and retain a customer for life with Conversify’s tailored conversation programs.


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