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Direct Mail Marketing

We’ve been working with Brands for over 20 years to create and deliver direct mail marketing campaigns that make a difference. Whether you need to find new customers, keep or grow your customers, we are here to ensure that your marketing budget delivers the best results.

Our state of the art mail house facility includes creative and design, digital solutions, data hygiene, generic and variable print, bespoke hand line processing, intelligent inserting technology, eco friendly poly wrapping, automated fulfilment solutions, logistics and warehousing.

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In today’s competitive market, direct mail and digital solutions needs to be impactful, so let’s get creative together and cook up a masterpiece. Imagine your campaign including sensory marketing, tapping into the sense of touch and smell that can influence the decision a person makes. Our creative talent and expertise ensures your brand leaves a lasting impression.
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Exclusive to Conversify, MarketFinda is a mail-driven customer acquisition product that can deliver new customer opportunities for as little as $0.50c per customer.

Our sophisticated profiling tools can identify clusters of homes or businesses that match your ideal buyer persona.

MarketFinda can supercharge your digital ROI and get the jump on your competitors and deliver great results. Take a minute to read some of our clients MarketFinda success stories here.

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Our Engage campaign series will help you to have the right “next” conversation with your audience that will put your brand on a path to a long-term relationship.

Utilising your data to create high impact, personalised messaging your audience will feel valued and appreciated. Why? Your brand will show them how well you truly understand their needs and wants, resulting in loyal customers.

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Competition is tough and brands are always trying to attract your valued customers away. If you want to protect and grow your customers, our Impact campaign series will ensure that your brand stands out and reminds your customers of just how great your brand is!

Research shows that high impact, highly personalised bespoke direct mail pieces are retained for the longest of all media, some research shows 17 days!

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